Hello! Welcome to Little Coop on the Prairie. My name is Kambra, I live on the prairie of western South Dakota where I cattle ranch, raise ducks, garden, cook and enjoy life. My husband, Colton and I own a ranch where we raise and produce black angus cattle. We very much enjoy the work and most of all the lifestyle. I currently have a flock of twenty five ducks and three geese for pleasure and of course their delicious eggs.  In the summer months,  you can find me outside in the yard planting up flower beds or tending to the vegetable garden. If I’m not in the garden, you can most definitely find me in the second best place around the house…the kitchen. I love to cook and create recipes that include farm fresh eggs and produce. I love rustic and homemade dishes that are easy and tasty. In the midst of all this, I love to DIY projects, working on our home and most of all spending time with my husband. 

I am so excited to share my adventures, projects and life here at Little Coop on the Prairie.

Thank you, Kambra.

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