About Our Hens

At Little Coop on the Prairie, our chickens and ducks are treated like queens. They are  free range and pastured on untreated grass. They spend their day lounging and sun bathing, chasing after bugs, digging up worms and snacking on grass. Proudly feeding Nature’s Best Organics for the past three years, the girls’s diet is supplemented with a layer feed that is 100% certified organic and non GMO. The girls are also fed meal worms for extra protein, organic vegetable scraps out of our garden. I add a few natural supplements to their layer crumble such as seaweed kelp and flax meal for Omega 3 fatty acids in the eggs. Our hens lay their eggs on a combination of straw hay, pine shavings and usually sprinkled with dried herbs like lavender and rosemary, both known for their relaxation and also acts as a natural pest repellent.

About Our Cartons

We use cartons from The cartons are made from recycled pulp and are 100% recyclable. We try our best to reuse our egg cartons as often as possible until they are torn or soiled. Returning clean empty cartons is always encouraged and appreciated!


Farm Fresh Eggs

Some qualities of farm fresh, pasture-raised eggs can be quite different from what you buy in a grocery store. Egg sizes can vary within each dozen such as large, small, medium or extra large. Blood spots or meat spots are completely safe and do not indicate a bad or spoiled egg, but you can remove them before consuming.


Where We Deliver

We are located north of New Underwood and we deliver locally to:

  • Rapid City
  • Box Elder
  • New Underwood

At this time we do not ship our eggs for consumption.  If you want to supply your address and inquire whether we deliver to your area, please contact us.


Duck Eggs : $8 a dozen / $4 a half dozen

Chicken Eggs: $6 a dozen / $3 a half dozen


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